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Language testing & Assessment Research Team

Language Testing & Assessment Research Team at the faculty of Letters and Human Sciences engages in independent and collaborative research in a variety of French and English academic and educational settings at different levels (public schools, CEGEP, university) in Quebec, in anglophone Canada, and in foreign contexts.
Graduate student members of the group conduct research under the direction of Dr. Shahrzad Saif with a wide variety of participants, using multiple and mixed methods of inquiry in the following areas:
* Classroom assessment: The relationship between assessment and instruction in language classroom; dynamic assessment
* High-stakes tests: Standardized tests of French and English language used for university admission and exit purposes; test validity; consequences of score use; test preparation practices,
* Language needs assessment: language needs of undergraduate and graduate foreign students in Francophone and/or English-speaking universities; linguistic preparedness of university graduates for performing in professional contexts in Quebec (as teachers, nurses),
* Test impact: the impact of language tests on classroom instruction, learning outcomes, and decision-making in educational contexts.

Our research activities address very practical issues facing teachers, institutions, or broader educational contexts and are directed at promoting learning and improving educational programs in academic contexts.

Group members collaborate with different organizations and actively participate in language research events nationally and internationally: Dr. Saif is a member of the board of directors at the Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks/ Centre des niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (CCLB/CNCLC). She is also the chair of the research committee at CCLB (Ottawa). We are members of ILTA (International Language Testing Association), CALA (Canadian Association of Language Assessment) and CAAL (Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics). Our graduate student members serve on the executive committee of CALA, collaborate with HCALM-Network (Health Care Access for Linguistic Minorities) as research assistants, and teach English, French and Spanish in private and public institutions.
Language Testing and Assessment Team provides workshops and training on language assessment issues related to the above areas. Our upcoming event is a workshop on Multiple-Choice test technique to be presented (by Romain Schmitt and Shahrzad Saif) to teachers at CEGEP Limoilou.

Graduate Students
1. Faramarz Amin-Lari
2. Liliana Garcia
3. Zahra Mahdavi
4. Reza Monfared
5. Deogratias Nizonkiza
6. Parisa Safaei
7. Romain Schmitt