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Soutien à l'apprentissage du français


Terms and conditions

Registration for workshops starting in March will begin on February 18, 2019.

To register, click on the serveur de paiement en ligne. Have a credit card ready to pay the registration fee of $100. You will then be able to select a time slot from the available options.

The registration fee is $100 of which $80 is refundable if the student participates devotedly in the workshops (having attended a minimum of 80% of the workshops).

Here is an example to illustrate the service offered:
A student of Iranian origin is registered in a master’s program at Université Laval. She has taken French courses in Iran, but she does not feel comfortable using the French language in Quebec, especially because she is not familiar the Quebec accent. She registers in the Rêver en français workshops (see Registration), pays $ 100 for the registration fees and chooses the workshops taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm, in a location where she often attends her graduate courses. She also selects two intensive workshops of four hours associated with her schedule.

At the beginning of the session, she does not speak much during the workshops, but she becomes more and more comfortable over the weeks. She was absent for only one Thursday: with an attendance rate of 30 hours out of 32, she therefore receives a refund of $80 at the end of the session. For a total of $20, the workshops have enabled her to overcome her fear of speaking with Quebecers.

Another student of the same group missed two Tuesdays and a Saturday, without providing a medical report: he took part in the other workshops, but does not receive a refund at the end of the session. For a total of $100, he benefited from the same assistance as the other student and better understood the French-speaking culture in Quebec.

An interview of about one hour will be held at the end of the training period to take your comments and to inform you about future training activities, if you want to continue to improve your French.

The eligibility criteria for the Rêver en français workshops are as follows:

  • Have a mother tongue other than French;
  • Be enrolled in a second or third-cycle program at Laval University OR be a postdoctoral fellow;
  • Pay the registration fee of $100;
  • Agree to follow the schedule established at the time of registration.

Please note that visiting or exchange students (who are not enrolled at Université Laval) are not eligible to participate in the workshops. Please note that visiting or exchange students (who are not enrolled at Université Laval) are not eligible to participate in the workshops.  Please also note that students who have already participated in the first series of workshops will not be allowed to register a second time (unless they are true beginners). If you are a returning student and are not a true beginner and nevertheless decide to register, your payment will be reimbursed to your credit card minus the transaction fees ($95 will be reimbursed).

The workshops are offered to all eligible students, regardless of their proficiency level in French.

The activities proposed in the workshops will meet the needs of students just beginning their learning of the French language, as well as those at the advanced level.