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How will the portfolio be evaluated?

Evaluation of your working professional portfolio takes place in two parts: (1) in the context of the practicums, and (2) in the contexts of university courses and ongoing professional development combined.

1. Practicums
Portfolio assignments are assigned and evaluated within the context of the given practicum including due dates. The items deposited in your portfolio during your practicum will be evaluated as a percentage of your practicum mark. Details, including the deadline for completing this part of your portfolio, will be provided at the start of each practicum.

2. University courses and ongoing professional development combined
The evaluation rubric for the university course-related and ongoing professional development activities (beyond coursework and practicums) is provided in Appendix C.  This combined part of the portfolio is due May 5 of each year; if this date falls on a weekend, the portfolio will be due the following Monday. As you will be doing your portfolio in your Google Classroom, the date you submitted (as well as all changes) are automatically archived and permanently available. Details pertaining to the Google Classroom will be discussed in DID-1921 Computer Applications in ESL Teaching I. However, the bottom line is that all items for a given year are together on the same Google doc page.

IMPORTANT! If you do not submit these items each year, you place yourself in jeopardy of failing DID-3922 Portfolio Project in your final semester of your program and of being unable to successfully complete your program. This is because these items will count for a total of 45% of the mark when you register in DID-3922 Portfolio Project. Specifically, 15% will be awarded for each of Years 1, 2 and 3. If no items are included in a given year for your portfolio, you will lose 15 points. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CATCH UP IN FUTURE YEARS. The portfolio items must be SUBMITTED ON A YEARLY BASIS AND ON TIME.

If you have any particular constraints, you should contact Monica Waterhouse (Year 2 students) and Susan Parks (Years 1 and 3 students). If you are doing the B-ALS program on a part-time basis, you should discuss this with Susan Parks or Monica Waterhouse according to your year of study. However, it should be noted that no matter how long you take, only three portfolios (outside of the practicums) must be submitted but this must be done prior to beginning Practicum IV.