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What kinds of items can be included in a portfolio?

With respect to the reflections, the items which can serve as traces can include the following:

  • observation notes
  • tracking sheets
  • lesson plans you created
  • feedback on the lesson plans
  • forum posts or excerpts from the School Sharing Project
  • summative evaluation forms from practicums
  • handouts and notes from a PD (pedagogical) day meeting
  • samples of your students’ work (with names removed)
  • assignments from university courses
  • teaching materials you developed for a university course but have not tried out
  • teaching materials you developed and tried out in a practicum or a course you have taught
  • learning and evaluation situations (LES) developed for your coursework or practicums
  • reflections related to readings or other assignments (other than those specified as being for the portfolio project)
  • action research or case studies related to language learning/ teaching or classroom management
  • videos of your teaching or classroom activities (with relevant permissions)

More generally, when considering what activities or assignments to focus on for your portfolio project, it is important to SELECT CAREFULLY. The objective is not to include a huge quantity of reflections and traces but rather to choose carefully and include items which reflect different facets of your development. The question of choice will become more important as you move through the program. Also, as you move through the program, you will see that for certain competencies there may be few or no reflections. These are the competencies you will need to pay closer attention to, especially in years 3 and 4 when you are involved in longer practicums.