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Soutien à l'apprentissage du français

Workshops Rêver en français

 Why the title Rêver en français (Dream in French)?
In the field of second language teaching, it has been noted that when people are dedicated to the learning of a second language, little by little, as they develop some fluency, they begin to dream in that language. The title therefore reflects the effort that needs to be devoted to learning, but also the benefits for the future of such learning.

Indeed, in initial stages of language learning, it can be very difficult to think and communicate one’s thoughts in that language. However, little by little, a better knowledge of this language makes using it easier and, who knows, could even make it possible to dream in this second language. The project Rêver en français is designed to lead you down this path and allow you to become more confident interacting in French. Thanks to the training workshops, you will be able to know more about the culture of Université Laval and of Quebec City. You will have the opportunity to discover the many services offered on campus and to interact in French about various topics related to academic and day-to-day life in Quebec City. Participation in the workshops will help you gain confidence interacting in French, a major asset if you wish to later reside in Quebec at the end of your studies at Université Laval. One of the benefits of your participation could be the possibility of fulfilling your future goals in a French-speaking environment.

Lastly, Dream in French meets the growing language needs of English-speaking and allophone graduate students at Université Laval. The workshops are designed to enable these students to better integrate into the French-speaking academic community, as graduate students, junior researchers, teaching or research assistants. The project team wants to make the learning of French as a second language more accessible to students, thanks to a flexible schedule offered at a minimal cost. Rêver en français builds on the skills acquired by fourth-year students enrolled in the bachelor’s degree in teaching French as a second language at Université Laval, who will act as moderators for the workshops. These undergraduate students will also be supported by graduate students specialising in Second language teaching, who are all experienced French as a second language teachers.