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Soutien à l'apprentissage du français

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the workshops about?
    You will find a brief description of the workshops in the Workshops section. Please note that the workshops are not courses, and therefore they do not include exams. During the workshops, you will participate in a variety of activities related to the cultural realities of Québec, in order to develop your knowledge and fluency in French.
  • Who can register for the workshops?
    The admission criteria are outlined in the Registration section.
  • Where will the workshops be held?
    The workshops will be held on premises located near your laboratory, your seminars or your associated Faculty.
  • When will the workshops take place?
    The start and end dates of the first two training sessions can be found in the Registration section.
    The two-hour workshops will take place twice a week, at a time chosen during your registration. You will also have two four-hour workshops taking place on the Saturdays suggested during your registration.
  • Is it possible to register for only one workshop per week?
    The training sessions last 10 weeks, for a total of 48 hours: one workshop per week would give you only 20 hours of training, which is not enough.
  • What materials do I need for the workshops? Should I buy specific textbooks?
    It is advisable to have in hand a logbook (a notebook or an electronic device) to take notes and keep track of your language skills in French. Access to a dictionary (paper or online) is also recommended.
  • What information will be requested for application?
    During registration, you will need your personal identification number (nine figure PI provided by Université Laval and a valid credit card.)
  • How much does the workshop cost?
    The cost of the workshops is detailed in the Registration section.
  • Do these workshops make me earn course credits?
    The workshops are completely different from the FLE and FLS credit courses. Attending the workshops will not give you credits.
  • What scholarships are tied to these workshops?
    The workshops are not associated with any scholarship, but they only cost 150$. For information on scholarships related to the FLE courses, please contact Thérèse Guay at Therese.Guay@elul.ulaval.ca or at 418-656-2131, ext 406714.
  • Who should we contact if we will be absent from a workshop?
    For any absence, please write as soon as possible to the moderator of the workshops at this email: reverenfrancais@lli.ulaval.ca. Your message should contain the following information:
    • Your last name, first name and identification number (9 digit);
    • The date of your absence and its duration;
    • A brief justification.
  • I don't speak French, could I use my mother tongue?
    We encourage you to use French to the extent of your knowledge,  since they are conversation-based workshops. Occasional use of another language will be tolerated, especially if you are a beginner in French. However, it is necessary to use French as much as you can to take full advantage of the workshops.
    The facilitators master French and are all university trained to teach French. They will not be able to provide you with explanations in another language, but will do their best to help you.