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Soutien à l'apprentissage du français


The Rêver en français workshops are language and culture training workshops in French as a second language. They are open to all graduate students for whom French is not their native language, regardless of their proficiency level in French.

If you register, you will:

  • Interact in French with other students ;
  • Become acquainted with the French spoken in Quebec ;
  • Join a multilevel group, set up according time preferences and not proficiency levels in French ;
  • Take no placement test ;
  • Become more acquainted with the services and activities offered on campus and in Quebec City.

The Rêver en français workshops are intended to support your learning of French as a second language, but are not courses. It is possible to take FLE courses at École de langues de l’Université Laval (ÉLUL) and FLS courses at the Faculté des arts et des sciences humaines (FLSH), but the Rêver en français workshops differ completely. The workshops last only one part of the session and aim to provide you with the opportunity to interact in French with other students and familiarize yourself with the language. For more information, please contact us by email rêverenfrançais@lli.ulaval.ca or by phone at extension 404741.

The FLE and FSL courses are credited courses that come with their own evaluation conditions. For more information about scholarships associated with FLE courses, please contact Therèse Guay by email (therese.guay@elul.ulaval.ca) or by phone at ext. 406714.